Sonoff RF Not Receiving RF Codes

I upgraded my sonoff bridge to 0.7 and cant get any rf codes. the gateway is connecting because the mqtt client shows version and LTW, but cant get any codes.
I only uncommented #define ZgatewaySRFB in user config.
Anything else required?

Did you commented the others gateways ?

Good day, I just uncommented the sonoff gateway. same as before.
the file has the rf, ir and bt active. should they now be commented as in deactivated?

If you don’t use them it is advised to comment them.


I approve this thread because it has the same name as my problem

I had Nodemcu with RX xy-mk-5v worked everything well but never achieve good reach, not more than a few centimeters.
So choose to buy a SonOff RF, to take advantage of its internal Tx and Rx.
But perform the update to: SONOFF_RFBRIDGE_OpenMQTTGateway_V09.ino.bin
everything is connected well, I see that it connects to the Mqtt server but I can not receive RF signals from the devices.
the console shows:

connected … yeey :slight_smile:
saving config
failed to open config file for writing
{“mqtt_server”: “”, “mqtt_port”: “1883”, “mqtt_user”: “mqtt”, “mqtt_pass”: “mqttboga”} * WM: freeing allocated params!
OpenMQTTGateway mac:
60: 01: 94: B2: AF: 32
OpenMQTTGateway ip:
Connecting to MQTT by IP adress
ZgatewaySRFB setup done
Serial Baud19200
Setup OpenMQTTGateway end
MQTT connection …
Connected to broker
Subscription OK to the subjects
Uptime (s)
Remaining memory
Burzaco wireless
Activated modules

Before with the NodeMCU I could receive information from the sensors and transmit.

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Did you changed the position of the rf bridge switch ?

Yes, I left it ON, for the doubts probe also leaving it off, and it did not work either. from what I was reading it may be a coding problem for the controls, but I find it strange that I do not take any of the different RF that I have.
I saw some tutorials that put a pair of resistors, to jump the RF controller and in this way send what arrives from the RX and TX directly to ESP by GPIO 4y5, will this be the solution? Do not open a way to change the firmware also of the RF controller so that it supports the other types of codes? if that is my problem :frowning:
Thanks for your time.

Did you checked this:

Yes it can be a solution that will bring you more protocols capabilities, as you will not be limited to the rf bridge decoder.
With this solution you can use ZgatewayRF, ZagatewayRF2 or ZgatewayPilight.

yes; In reality download the bin directly: “SONOFF_RFBRIDGE_OpenMQTTGateway_V09.ino.bin” without configuring anything additional.

But when I look through the serial monitor with Putty it shows me that it’s set to 1024:
And with the MQTT.fx application I see that it connects and the SYStoMQTT message arrives, what does not come to me is nothing when I activate the RF.
See, I do not see that turn on any LED of the SonoffRF when I prefer the RF transmitters, this led is configured by default? if the code does not understand it, should it turn on, indicating that it receives something?

If you downloaded it directly you are not subject to this issue.

The red led should turn on when you press a 433mhz remote

Do you have another receiver / emitters to test ?

I have a nodeMCU with an RX xy-mk-5v, with this it works well but I have very short range so buy the SonofRF.

with reference to the red LED, it does not turn on anything when I value the TX of 433. It should turn on if the internal decoder does not interpret the code? Or only if it is a protocol understood by the controller of the RF part? I explain? because in my case it does not turn on the red LED when I press the TX button.

It turns on when the RF signal is interpreted by the RF controller. If you have a nodemcu with an emitter I would try to upload some basic examples sketch from rcswitch and see if the rf bridge receive it.

As soon as I can I will perform the test you indicate to validate that it works, do you know if the codes contained in SenDemo.ino are compatible with the RF decoder of SonOff RF?
Thank you!!!

Yes they are compatible