SONOFF RM433 remote control with 8 buttons and base

Here is some infos about an OMG compatible remote control the SONOFF RM433

It’s a nice little remote control with 8 buttons, it is powered with a 12V 27 battery.
You can also buy a base, the remote fits into it by a magnet.

the protocol used is compatible with:

  • ZgatewayRF (ESP32 or ESP8266 with an RF receiver)
  • ZgatewaySRFB (Sonoff RF Bridge)

Power consumption
When sending signal 9mA during around 0.5s
Sleep current less than 1uA continuously

Duration estimation
See relative comparison into the list of compatible devices

It should last more than 1 year with 20 actions per day.

Some pictures:
Power consumption when no action

Reception package






This sensor has been given for free by Itead, if you think it alter my opinion don’t hesitate to tell me.

I just got it, and all the buttons send the same value according to OMG. Is there anything special you did to use it?


You are getting this behaviour with ZgatewayRF or ZgatewaySRFB?

Seems like both, but I’ll double check this evening

Yeah, you’re right, it’s only on srfb, not on rf.
What to do?

I would have think the reverse (ok with RF and not with SRFB), are you sure?

That’s what I said, sorry if I wasn’t clear. It works with rf and not with srfb

Maybe I was too fast when testing it sorry. And I don’t have the equipment to test it now.

The alternative is to do the rf bridge mod so as to have the same capabilities as the nodemcu.

I see. If you remember to reply here when you fix it, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll also try to have a look at it when I have time.
Thanks :+1: