SRFB only sending LWT, SYStoMQTT and version to MQTT, no RF received


I tried 2 SRFB’s, but got the same result.

Tried the bin file and the arduino project.

It succesfully connects to my wifi and mqtt server. It publishes it’s version and uptime/rssi data.

But I cannot get it to receive any RF signals. I have a KAKO remote control, china motion sensor and china door sensor.
I had the doorsensor working on a ESP8266 with OpenMQTTGateway (but it would only send when connected to serial monitor)

What could I do wrong? What steps do I take to troubleshoot?

This is my User_config.h:

Hi Several questions ine one :wink:

Kaku remote control are not supported by RFBridge, it is normal that you don’t receive it but you should receive the others.
Did you changed the position of the little switch after flashing? Is the led of the rfbridge blinking when you press your remote control?

This is a known problem, you should affect your sender to another pin and change the config_RF.h accordingly:

Thanks for your quick reply.
Didn’t know about the SRFB not being able to receive KaKu, will try the ESP8266 for that.

I should have mentioned it, I changed the little switch back to ON. Rebooted a couple of times. It sends MQTT message with offline and online. And the version. And a separate message with uptime and RSSI.
I did not notice anything blinking, will try it again.

About the serial monitor, I changed the pin. But I will try it again.

Will let you know the results, it can take a couple of days.


I also experience this issue, i changed the PINs in de config_rf

/-------------------PIN DEFINITIONS----------------------/
#ifdef ESP8266
#define RF_RECEIVER_PIN 4 // D3 on nodemcu
#define RF_EMITTER_PIN 5 // RX on nodemcu
#elif defined(ESP32)
#define RF_RECEIVER_PIN 4 // D13 on DOIT ESP32
#define RF_EMITTER_PIN 5 // D12 on DOIT ESP32
//IMPORTANT NOTE: On arduino UNO connect IR emitter pin to D9 , comment #define IR_USE_TIMER2 and uncomment #define IR_USE_TIMER1 on library IRremote/IRremoteInt.h so as to free pin D3 for RF RECEIVER PIN
//RF PIN definition
#define RF_RECEIVER_PIN 4 //1 = D3 on arduino
#define RF_EMITTER_PIN 5 //4 = D4 on arduino

I want to notice that i’ve upgraded the firmware of the EFM chip to support a broader range of devices. I ran Tasmota on the bridge earlier.