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SRX882 receiver does not work (low DATA voltage) on ESP32

Hello, I have an OMG IR/RF mounted on an ESP32 (LolinD32). Today I replaced the old RF module with a recommended SRX882 and the Gateway stopped receiving RF signal. :slightly_frowning_face:
I tested it with an oscilloscope and found that the SRX882’s DATA signal is less than 1V when it is on the ESP32. Outside the ESP32, the SRX882 again has a 3.3V DATA signal.
Does anyone know what’s going on :question:

Could you post a photo of your setup, how do you power the SRX882?

Hi boss.
Very simple setup on BreadBoard.
I fed the SRX882 with 3.3v of the D32(ESP32) and put the SRX882 DATA pin directly on the Pin27 of the ESP32.
With the old RXB6 receiver it worked normally. I changed just to follow what the documentation recommends.
Thanks for reply! :+1:
Sorry for this ugly photo. :man_facepalming:

Maybe this is the hint, could you connect it to 3.3v or 5v ?

Seems like the SRX882 has a very weak data output.

Trying to solve this myself.