SRX882 wrong Pinout?

Hi together, im new in this forum and i have a dumb question.
on the Guide of OMG i found this schematic
OMG pinout

but on the SRX882 there is a wrong pinning:
srx882 pinout

in your Guide picture its
GND - CS - Data - VCC
But it should be
GND - Data - CS - VCC

could you check this and correct it on the guidence webpage if it was wrong?

uhm by the way its not so easy to upload the correct pictures if new users are blocked to upload… no one will be helped with this rule

The purple wire should be connected to the data pin of the SRX882. I will see if I still have the source files of the schema

looks like wrong pinout on diagramm

nice effect, if I connect to cs all 433mhz is flooding and people can’t open their cars)