Stuggling again with Home Assistant/MQTT discovery

For reasons (devices with the same name) I had to reset one of my gateways and now it’s no longer discovered by Home Assistant. How can I start this over again?

I’ve deleted the gateway from HA and removed all of the mqtt topics under homeassistant/switch/

How do I get the gateway to start sending these again?

Further confusion. I reflashed my gateways again (I have three of them ;)) and they again show up in home assistant. But, after a while they become greyed out and uncontrollable from HA.

Hard to debug what’s gong on - anyone else seeing this?

@1technophile could it be possible the gateways are somehow interfering with each other? I have one ble2mqtt, one rtl_433 (OOK) and one rtl_433 (FSK) and I cannot get all three to stay online in HA.

Only if you use the same gateway_name.

Try to connect them to a serial monitor to get the logs, it will give more information.

Thanks, I did discover a while ago that not changing the gateway name was a problem.
I can’t detect any information from serial usb, I’ve tried all baud rates.
It’s driving me crazy. Two of the gateways default name is “OMG_lilygo_rtl_433_ESP”. Each time I reflash one of them, the other one goes offline in home assistant. I add -OOK at the end of one of them every time - there are never two connected to mqtt at the same time with the same name.

Stuck :frowning:


If you have only one of them connected it works ?

It seems that way. I’ll experiment some more tomorrow. It very strange behaviour. How often should they send status/discovery messages - they just appear to stop sending them.

At start and when a new device is detected, after 30min the auto discovery goes OFF automatically