Support for 1-wire/OneWire

1-wire is a popular wired technology with many available sensors for various needs. It is based on a simple wiring technology and sometimes used also in home automation systems

What would be great would be if OpenMQTTGateway could support the connection of a 1-Wire line of various sensors and I/O modules. If so, you could partly use a wired system and then, for various reasons, migrate the communication to MQTT wireless. I can do that with a Raspberry Pi but it would be cool to be able to do it with just an ESP32

I have seen some projects where typically an ESP32 is used to read temperature from a (1-wire) DS18S20 sensor. But there are so many other interesting sensors and modules as well like light sensors, input/output modules, analog inputs etc

Personally I’m just a beginner using esp32, just managing to make minor changes in the source code, build and upload to the esp32 using the platformio. But I have no knowledge how to add support for a new type of interface like the above

Maybe a project like this is a starting point:

Thanks for the idea.

Do you have some knowledge in programming?

I have programmed plugins in Python during some 10 years for an automation application (EventGhost)
I can read and to some extent understand C++, also make some minor adjustments, build/compile etc but to understand how to make larger changes to your project, like adding support for new protocols, not without guidance/hints

If you are interested, I can guide you on adding some one wire sensors implementation.

Yes, that would be an interesting excercis, I do have needed OneWire hardware stuff