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Dear developer Team,

I want to say “THANK YOU”.

It’s absolutely amazing to have such a project which work in less than a few hours knowing nothing with ESP32.
I read the doc and try first with the binaries "Binaries, which I think is the easiest for a beginner.
Thank for the screenshot and the link to the ESP TOOL Download (I search for a tool, but found only the command line esptool.exe).

I was not exactly sure about the FW to select (as there are a lot). But, I select the good one for BLE on ESP32.
Question 1 : Do you have a detailed explanation about each type of binaries ?

Question 2 : What is the difference between CRYSTAL at 40 Mhz (detected info) and the SPI Speed which should be 80 MHz (otherwhise in doesn’t work) ?

Then I see with terminal it started and want to connect on a WiFi and create an AP.

I continue to read your documentation and was able to enter the SSID and password for my WiFi.

I can’t post the screenshot…

I use my tablet to enter credential and SAVE :
I can’t post the screenshot…

Question 3 : I have a error, but I don’t know if it is important. I can’t post the screenshot…

Question 4 : I can’t connect on the ESP32 Web Page with the new address Is it normal ? I suppose I should be able to change setting?

    Nmap scan report for esp32-arduino (
    Host is up (0.017s latency).
    All 100 scanned ports on esp32-arduino ( are closed
    MAC Address: B4:8A:0A:AD:AA:34 (Unknown)

Then I see it connect on the MQTT server (brokker) and I see Scan on BLE devices :
I can’t post the screenshot…

I can see the new MQTT Topic :
I can’t post the screenshot…

And appear in HA : very happy to have my Meter in HA. :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank a lot for the great work !

PS : as a new user, I had to delete all screenshot :roll_eyes:


Hello and welcome,

Yes you have it below:

Note that uploading from this page is the easiest process, you can be setup in a few minutes with it.

SPI is the speed of the interface for the flash, whereas the crystal is the ESP32 crystal frequency

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Hi @esa66

Yes, this is expected behaviour. The web UI is for the initial set-up, after that you can use MQTT commands to make certain changes


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