System commands (ESP only) and Theengs Gateway

I’m very interested to send data and commands from OpenMqtt Gateway and an ESP32 board.
At the same time I’ve just discovered this section on OMG site:
System commands (ESP only) | OpenMQTTGateway v1.7.0
Anyway I’ve a doubt:

  1. may I use this commands if I’ve Theengs Gateway working and configured as an HA integration and NOT OpenMqtt Gateway?

Unfortunately the (ESP only) in the System Commands section says it all - only for ESP32 OpenMQTTGateway gateways.

But some of these setting there can be set with the Theengs Gateway configuration. Which particular one are you looking for?

Hi DigiH.
Thanks for you reply.
Actually I’m very interested to send simple ON/OFF command from OpenMQTT gatway (possibly using only Theengs Gateway that I alreay have installed on my Home Assistant) to ESP32.
I’ve take a look to Actuators ON/OFF feature and I’ve tried may times but it seems don’t work at least with TheenGateway:
Actuators | OpenMQTTGateway v1.7.0

For this reasons and before to try to install OpenMQTT Gateway I’d like to know if is a problem related to TheengsGateway or I’m doing something wrong.
Any idea?

Hi @m4biz

I’m a bit confused as to what is running on your ESP32 and how and what you have connected to it which you want to control with ON/OFF, whereas you previously also mentioned system commands.

Actuators | OpenMQTTGateway v1.7.0 is actually for OpenMQTTGateway running on an ESP32 with some actuator/light connected to it. This is then directly controlled via MQTT commands, issued by HA or any other controller, not requiring the use of Theengs Gateway…

Hi DigiH.
Sorry for my first post if it was’n clear enough.
Really I’m very interested to control ON/OFF a specified pin of a BLE ESP32 device (say pin 32).
For this purpose, is it possible to do this having two, different ESP 32 boards, the first with OpenMQTT Gateway installed and working and the second a simple BLE device ?
Or is it needed only one ESP32 that act simultaneously as OpenMQTT Gateway and BLE device?
I, hope, now all was more clear.

Hi @m4biz

From what I gather that you want you would only require one ESP32 with a custom build/install with ZactuatorONOFF and defining the desired pin in config_ONOFF.h or by sending it along with the ON/OFF MQTT command.