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SYStoMQTT - change interval of messages

Hi, I am using rtl_433_ESP module to decode the RF signal and send data to mqtt from my weather station.
I am not getting all the RF messages, and am guessing it maybe because every 2 mins I am getting /SYStoMQTT messages, which are being processed/sent when the weather station’s RF data is coming in.
The weather station sends a RF message every 1.5 mins.
I am also using an SDR dongle and RTL_433 on a Pi to process that RF signals (which i want to swap to OMG), which is getting all the RF signals and sending on to mqtt.

Is there a way to change the intervals of the /SYStoMQTT messages - eg from 2 to 5 mins, or stop them once the initial bootup message ( /LWT online / version version_tag) is sent ?


Hi, you can change it there

Thank you, this has fixed my problem and am now getting most of the weather station data.

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