Talk to ESP32 bi directionally

I have a ESP32 and i would like to talk to bidirectionally with the IOS app without another interface.

Can this be done?


What do you want to achieve, use case?

I have an Adafruit MatrixPortal M4.
It is communicating with Ble thru the Bluefruit Connect app.
Great for testing data transfer
I want to have specific prompts for the user

No responses?
I would like to know if this is possible

Could you explain why you want to achieve this? We need some context to better understand your use cases.

I have a few ESP43 units in ares where only cellular comm is available. I want to use my mobile phone to send msgs to my ESP32 devices. I was looking at WEB-Ble interface

Devices to deal with

This is not a use case that we cover now.
We use to have a 2g gateway but it will be removed as countries are dephasing 2g

N. Tudor this information

What do you mean? I’m not sure I understand.