Thousands of "invalid state message" in Home Assistant logs (BLE ThermoBeacon)

First occurred: 29 January 2024 at 20:34:53 (68331 occurrences)
Last logged: 20:39:35

  • Invalid state message ‘{“id”:“70:F1:00:00:00:86”,“mac_type”:0,“adv_type”:0,“name”:“ThermoBeacon”,“manufacturerdata”:“1000000086000000f170170b4a00af056c5c0900”,“rssi”:-83,“txpower”:0,“brand”:“GENERIC”,“model”:“ThermoBeacon”,“model_id”:“WS02/WS08”,“type”:“THB”,“cidc”:false,“tempc”:4.625,“tempf”:40.325,“hum”:90.9375,“volt”:2.839,“time”:613484,“mac”:“70:F1:00:00:00:86”}’ from ‘home/OMGBLE/BTtoMQTT/70F100000086’

Any clue what the issue is? I can get all the sensor values ok.

Looks like the timestamp device class is being marked as invalid when only a number is sent.

Could you post a screenshot of how the time properties are shown in a dashboard, with which property icon?

You mean like this?

Thanks, I’ll have a look into changing this tomorrow.

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I merged a fix for this into the Theengs Decoder development branch, which will be included in the OpenMQTTGateway nightly dev test build ready for you to install by tomorrow, unless you are doing your own builds with PlatformIO/GitPod, for which you just need to change the decoder URL from

decoder =
decoder =

in platformio.ini and have the fix immediately.

Cool thanks I think it will be tomorrow before I can try.