Tile devices support?

I notice in the release notes for 1.5 of OMG Tile devices are mentioned as “now being supported” , but my tiles are not being picked up by OMG and neither are they mentioned in the compatible devices database on this site.


Hi @thefunkygibbon

Tile BLE trackers are only supported as being discovered as device trackers, as mentioned in the leading paragraph at

Do you see them at all when monitoring your OMG gateway in MQTT Explorer?

The Tile trackers also require active scanning, so they will only update with the interval of “intervalacts”.

If you can’t see any decoded messages from your Tile, can you set Advertisement and advanced data to true and post a sample message of what you then receive?

oh right ok. yes i see them in mqtt, I just (wrongly) assumed that a device or at least an entity would be created within HA that I could do something with. if its a manual thing i’ll look into it. its not a huge deal i guess

If you have HASS discovery activated on your gateway they should/do get auto-discovered as device trackers in HA.

I assume you mean you see them as decoded in MQTT Explorer, correct?

You might need to restart the gateway or turn on discovery again, as it switches itself off after 30 minutes to avoid discovering any nearby or passing unwanted compatible devices.

restarted a few times, forced rescan. still hasnt created anything thats showing up in the MQTT integration that I can see.

do i need to enable any of ther other options i see on the gateway , like any of the BT: Publish **** ones?

SYS: Auto Discovery should be on

Which binary did you install, and could you copy and paste a message of how your Tile appears in MQTT Explorer?

And could you tell us which Tile tracker model you have?

that is already on.


its a tile mate (2018) model. (with replaceable battery)

Yes, so it is recognised correctly, and if you have Auto Discovery turned on on your gateway it should auto discover the Tile as a device_tracker.

Have a look in MQTT Explorer under the homeassistant topic - device_tracker sub topic. Do you see an entry for the Tile there?

I don’t seem to have a device_tracker topic under home assistant.

And you have

SYS: Auto discovery ON
SYS: OpenHAB discovery OFF

Do you have any other devices which are being picked up by your BLE OMG gateway? Do they have entries in the sensor, switch, number etc. sub topics for their properties under the homeassistant topic?
And can you see the discoveries for the gateway itself under the homeassistant topic?

Can you copy and paste your SYStoMQTT and BTtoMQTT messages from your gateway? Using the copy button above the actual message might be easier than trying to put together several screenshots.

yes those are the settings I have. I only installed omg yesterday and it auto added a couple of temp sensor things I had so it appears to be working ok

Without seeing your SYStoMQTT and BTtoMQTT settings it is hard to say what might be the issue.

You might also want to try with the latest development version from

not done anything but i have checked my HA just now and it seems that I now have it in there as a mqtt device. weird it took about 12 hours to bother adding it. lol

Not sure what happened there to take 12 hours, but glad you got the device_tracker for your Tile now :wink: