Too dumb for following setup?

First at all, thank you all for investing your time in such a cool project. I just tried to follow the setup, but cannot finish.
I have one NodeMCU ESP32s and tried to follow the setup instructions. But in the image in section there are four files needed.

  • the first two files have another name as shown in the screenshot. No problem, these two can be easily guessed.
  • for the other two files leave I have no clue. Where do I get the “ble.bin” and the “partitions.bin”?

Perhaps you could also extend the point “Choose ESP32 DownloadTool” to “choose ‘Developer Mode’ then ‘ESP32 DownloadTool’”


This is done in the development branch but not yet released :slight_smile:

Here into the assets section

thank you for the link.
for the ESP32 (nodeMCU v1.1) there are three files, I think i can ignore the

So the correct order for me should be

  • boot_app0
  • bootloader_dio_80m.bin
  • esp32dev-all-firmware.bin
  • esp32dev-all-partitions.bin
    I will try that

Edit: Did not work: There was no uploadbar visible, but “finish” was displayed, When i svan fpr Wifis, the Wifi of the gateway is not visible.

NodeMCU are most of the times ESP8266, are you sure it is an ESP32?

You need to put the informations that are in green below, paths and address:

And also if you want to use BLE for example you should take


The bin below are for test purposes and will not be published in the next release.