Tool for generating config and build (online & desktop app) (update 24 June with auto-update,build tool)

Quick IoTs: An UI editor and build tool for OMG (Update 24 June)

App made with HTML5, JS and NodeJS to make a cross flatform tool, Desktop app (Window,Linux), Browser version with limit feature

Desktop app (Window): (Linux will be released later)

  • All OMG modules support
  • Allows New, Save and Open project folder. In first time using, app will ask to specify device
  • Build & upload directly, no need to switch to Arduino IDE
  • Built-in Tool: Serial monitor, MQTT logger, Auto-update

Online version

Quick start

  1. Create new project 754fa7e20f2fa1a0847c8346d9a9f99e46fb9d4e

  2. Choose device

    3. Choose module (1), setup PIN on device as require (2), Build & Upload (3)

  3. Your device will be running now. Connect to device wifi, Enter in browser, set Wifi device connect to & MQTT server

  1. Open Serial monitor and MQTT log to see data. Now MQTT data from sensors send through MQTT, you could also send MQTT data to IR gateway. Open Node-red and setup a flow to control device through MQTT

Any suggestions are welcome!

Hi Tran,

All contributions are welcome !

I will be pleased to integrate your proposals

I will try my best and let you test soon

The other possibility is to embed a web portal into the program for direct configuration.

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Would much prefer a web interface for configuration. If i have a problem with the gateway i have to have direct access to it. Web interface would help this tremendously.


All update is in first post

Just wanna let you know I have finished the early version of tool. I would like to receive comment before move on.

All fields are dynamic, not hardcode, it mean thats we can easily add more config.

That’s nice!

Here is some feedback:

  • regarding pins I have only one choice available
  • I have generated the config_IR.h file, the first macros arewithout return to the line
  • in user_config.h generated result there is parameters missing but it is maybe voluntary as it is an early version
  • is it possible to download your page to use it localy, I think there will be some reservations to write wifi password on an external web site

And finaly would it be possible to publish your code on github? It could be interesting to share it so as to have direct contributions and also suggestions for embedding it to the boards.

  • Pin setup: I am using your recommend pin in config file. I think this will be better to limit pin for each module to prevent duplicate. Moreover, my experience with ir and rf pin is painful. Somework, some doesnot so I want this tool make a 100% running device
  • For ir config, code without line work fine when copy to file. Because new line character dont work on browser, i will reformat for better view
  • Could you point out what s missing with user config, I work line per line so dont know what s missing
  • For local tool and code upload: My tool is php sql with many thing on db, so it s could not be run without alot setup and not practical for user. However after loading page, js and html5 do the rest for generate code. So I am thinking about create a “snap html and js version” that could be packed in a exe for distribution or easily running in your website

There was some tests done on pins compatibility but it depends on board used:

All the advanced MQTT parameters/OTA/OTHERS seems to not be there, maybe it is because I don’t expand the menu, nevertheless they should be there in all the case I think.

That s weird behavior because user config works well with me. Could you tell me more about ur browser

My first attemp to port to desktop app

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Hi, I make update with desktop app released. All info in first post

sorry for wrong link, reupload now

Update 06 June with change in layout for easier usage, add open project feature instead “fix location” for more flexible in working with multiple project

Successfully test

Update 24 June, all in first post