Transmit MQTTto433 using Decoded Data

Hi, I am using a LilyGo with OMG installed. I have successfully received messages using it and it has posted it to my MQTT server. It has decoded it correctly and it is working well.

I am now attempting to transmit messages. Looking at the documentation all I can see is the topic OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433 . This looks like it will take a value and transmit it. {“value”:1234567}

Is there a way to get the OMG to encode the values I want using a different Topic / data format? or is there a way to manually encode the data I have into the value?

This is the data I received and would like to re-transmit as required using MQTT. It is from a roller blind i would like to integrate in to my HA.

“model”: “Markisol”,
“id”: 62485,
“control”: “Up (12)”,
“channel”: 1,
“zone”: 1,
“mic”: “CHECKSUM”,
“protocol”: “Markisol, E-Motion, BOFU, Rollerhouse, BF-30x, BF-415 curtain remote”,
“rssi”: -44,
“duration”: 1098000

I appreciate any help or pointers to any existing articles on the subject.

The modules based on the SX127* chipset ( LilyGo and Heltec etc ) do not support the ability to transmit data with OMG. The support for these modules came from the rtl_433_ESP project, when they were looking for a pre-built board for receiving 433Mhz signals.

You could add a simple 433Mhz transmitter to your setup, and use the MQTTto433 ( RCSwitch) module to transmit the signal. But you would need to manually encode the signal for transmission with the MQTTto433 ( RCSwitch) module.