Trying to get openmqttgateway to work with nodemcu and mx-rm-5v

Hi, i’m a noob trying to get this to work, i’m receiving alot of data to the unit but no corresponding 433mhz codes from any of my devices. When i’m trying to send a 433mhz signal to pick up in the air, i can’t even receive that code, but i’m getting a lot of garbage data and data in general from the home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT.

I’ve tried several different mx-rm-5v and different pins from the config rf file but the same result. And it’s spitting out hundred of values a second. What’s going on and what i’m i doing wrong. :smiley:


Could you post a picture of your setup, your user_config.h without credentials and your config_RF.h