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Trying to send some proprietary 433 binary code

Hi guys.
I was able to clone the controller of a curtain motor that was very popular on Aliexpress (A-OK), using the project that shows the 65bit codes for each command.
I tried to send these codes through Node-RED as I usually do, but even converting to DECIMAL the OMG did not send.
Is there a way to send code without a protocol?
Thank you.


When using RF gateway or Pilight with OMG do you see codes appearing if you press the controller buttons?

Nop, and this is the big problem.
Many people buy these Chinese curtain motor that come with a control that no one “reads”. Broadlink, Sonoff, ESPHome… No one. :frowning_face:
This week I found this project “/ akirjavainen / A-OK” for Arduino and Raspberry(Python) that can finally read these controllers, showing a 65bit binary.
Now it remains to be able to send this code through OMG.
Any ideia? Thanks.

You may try to add a new protocol to RCSwitch library (used by OMG) by following this tutorial.

Uow, I read the documentation and I already understand that it will not be very easy for me. It will take some time but I will do that.
Simply sending the BINARY code or converted to DECIMAL via Node-RED + OMG is not possible then? Right?