Unknown RF chipset read

I have a dropdown projector screen which has a remote to wind it up and down. I would like to be able to control this Via HA using the OMG setup on a esp32 but im not sure what i might be gettign wrong.
I thought originally that it might be a 433 but it appears to be a 315. I have added an fs1000a 315 transmitter and reciever pair to the correct pins, i think, and uploaded the sofwtware which appoears to be booting correctly and registering with mqtt.

However i do not get any values when pressing the remote at all.

Any tips on troubleshooting?

I am still struggling with this if anyone has any advice at all.


To verify that your hardware wiring is correct the first hing to do is to try the basic examples.

Once you are sure that your setup is able to send and receive correctly you can try to see if it receives the command from your remote.

Do you have a link to your projector brand/model?