Update to 0.97 via mqtt

Hi i have piligth on my esp and now i want to update to 0.97 from 0.96 it was uploadret via arduino
but now i cant compile it too many eroors :confused: so i try to use :
mosquitto_pub -t “home/OpenMQTTGateway2/commands/firmware_update” -m '{ “version”: “test”, “password”: “OTAPASSWORD”, “url”: “https://github.com/1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway/releases/download/v0.9.7/esp32dev-pilight-firmware.bin” }
but nothing happend is it possible to OTA like this ? or is there a way to change gpio via mqtt on 12 i cant use RF it onlu work on 16 … so its only change i need


The ota update via mqtt is available from v0.9.7, so for updating your current installation you need either to OTA with platformio or Arduino IDE or to upload a binary/build.

What are the errors that you are encountering ? I advise to use platformio.

ok i have to redownload all libs and now it looks ok :smiley:
just one thing on mqtt i see : “version”:“version_tag” not 0.97 like b4. but i think i shulld set it somewhere

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Yes, when building yourself you can set it here

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I’m trying to update via mqtt from 0.98 and can’t get any response although tried various combinations with and without server cert, so assume I’m not formatting the message correctly. Can you paste a sample command? Is the version tag meant to be “v0.9.11”, for example?

It should work with the example in the docs, you can enter “test” for the version.

Tried again with the exact syntax in the docs, just changing to the 0.9.11 path, but can’t see any reaction

Do you have a way to share the logs from the serial monitor or is it inaccessible?

Joined to post to this thread. I’m running into the same problem but not sure what to do. I was running 0.95 and wiped & installed 0.9.10 and all is well. I’m trying to update via MQTT to 0.9.12 but like the OP, I’m positive I have the MQTT message ingested correctly but nothing happens.

I googled the forum here, github, etc – I’m at a loss. I can provide logs if wanted, but I haven’t come across any documentation on how to get the serial console working. Maybe I’m searching in the wrong places?

Using an Olimex unit recommended in the forums (esp32-olimex-gtw-ble-wifi)