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Update to 0.97 via mqtt

Hi i have piligth on my esp and now i want to update to 0.97 from 0.96 it was uploadret via arduino
but now i cant compile it too many eroors :confused: so i try to use :
mosquitto_pub -t “home/OpenMQTTGateway2/commands/firmware_update” -m '{ “version”: “test”, “password”: “OTAPASSWORD”, “url”: “” }
but nothing happend is it possible to OTA like this ? or is there a way to change gpio via mqtt on 12 i cant use RF it onlu work on 16 … so its only change i need


The ota update via mqtt is available from v0.9.7, so for updating your current installation you need either to OTA with platformio or Arduino IDE or to upload a binary/build.

What are the errors that you are encountering ? I advise to use platformio.

ok i have to redownload all libs and now it looks ok :smiley:
just one thing on mqtt i see : “version”:“version_tag” not 0.97 like b4. but i think i shulld set it somewhere

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Yes, when building yourself you can set it here

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