Upgrade from V0.9.14


I’ve just tried to upgrade from V0.9.14 to 1.6 by flashing my card (ESP32)

My 0.9.14 was with esp32-lolin32lite-ble, so tried to take the same firmware & partitions for V1.6.

I flashed the card with esptool.
I first made an erase_flash ans then flashed again
I got a

Attempting Wifi connection with saved AP [2318][E][WiFiSTA.cpp:317] begin(): connect failed! 0x300a
it looks like the card remember the config of the V0.9.14, is that possible ? How can I change that?
I tried using the browser to flash the card (option 1 on the website) bun it doesn’t work on firefox on a debian…

Thanks a lot.

Problem solved. I used the lolin version which not seem to be the good one.

I tried with ble-dev and everything now ok !

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