Use in place of Arlec SGS01HA?

Is it possible to have openmqttgateway replace the Arlec hub? (looks like the hub itself can be integrated with Home Assistant Arlec Smart Home Hub Bluetooth Gateway (SGS01HA) Configuration for Tasmota)


do you mean to have OpenMQTTGateway reading data from these sensors ?

Hey, yes sorry - have a few, temp/humidity, door, etc.

Hi @kiwizz,

that really depends if these sensors freely broadcast their status or if they require connections for getting their information.

Do you know or could you find out?

If they are sending out their status by BLE braodcasts we can add them to the BLE Decoder, with your help, making them compatible with OpemMQTTGateway.

I’ve tried to see if data shows up but haven’t been able to identify the device. Will photos of the chip help?

The other side has the battery and DS-2-V3

I’m afraid not,unless it had the MAC address written on it.

Is this the temp/humidity or the door sensor?

In MQTT Explorer it would only come up with raw servicedata or manufacturerdata if it was broadcasting.

Having seen the numerous BLE devices you have in your vicinity from the previous IBT-2XS conversation it might not be that easy to find out exactly which one it is, but it could well be one of the many devices just sending out servicedata/manufacturerdata. Unless you can see the same amount of similar entries there to how many of the Arlec devices you have, or a name in the MQTT Explorer BT listing identifies a device?

I think I found it, its likely the ‘out_of_mesh’ device. Got this from MQTT Explorer:

“id”: “5F:B2:01:4D:23:BC”,
“mac_type”: 0,
“name”: “out_of_mesh”,
“manufacturerdata”: “bc234d01”,
“rssi”: -77

Got this from LightBlue from Android:

This one I’m trying first is the door sensor.

Likely this module too - BT3L Module Datasheet-Tuya IoT Development Platform-Tuya Developer

From the received broadcast message the manufacturerdata unfortunately is only part of the MAC address reversed :frowning: so no device operational information OpenMQTTGateway could decode from it.

This is an interesting case, there are multiple manufacturer data packets in this. The second one likely contains the data we need for decoding. This is not currently supported but is now on my todo list.

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Would be great if we could sniff and/or pair. Let me know if you want to do testing. Bought a couple so could ship one spare to you if you like. Cheers!