Using one Openmqttgateway for up to 20 Devices

Hi all
I am really new to starting with LoRa and Openmqttgateway. I have a Heltec Lora32 V2 868 device with Openmqttgateway installed and using LoratoMQTT. I like to connect up to 20 devices to one Openmqttgateway with the same measurement but for different location.

Its possible to connect up to 20 Devices in one Openmqttgateway?

How to filter out only my message?

Thank in advance



It should not be an issue as long as you are mindful of not sending the message at the same time and not overcrowding your frequency (please consult your country regulations)

Your messages could be filtered following an identifier from the node.


Thank you for your answer. I am living in spain and using 868 frequency. What do you mean “please consult your country regulations” ?

Thanks in advance

With ISM band you need to be carefull to not monopolize for your own usage. For example by having nodes sending continuously.