Using OpenMQTTGateway with Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistants

Myself and @1technophile have been working on adding support for voice assistants ( Amazon Alexa and/or Google Home Voice Assistants) to OpenMQTTGateway and are getting ready to launch an early beta of the integration. With Amazon Alexa, you will be able to see and interact with your supported RTL_433 and Bluetooth sensors, and control switches/buttons connected to OMG.

For example, this is from the Amazon Alexa App, and you can see my various rtl_433, bluetooth and BME280 temperature sensors, and the Theengs plug ( actuatorONOFF )

And here is the Amazon Energy Dashboard with sample data from the Theengs plug

For the early beta, it will require you to run a custom version of OMG, which includes an additional module with support for the cloud servers. And perform a couple more steps to integrate the device with Amazon Alexa.

At the present time, temperature sensors, switches, buttons, contact and motion sensors are supported.

If you’re interested in participating, please let us know and we will share with you the steps to get started.