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Using serial monitor in PlatformIO

I just have a question related to testing with PlatformIO. I have the OpenMQTTGateway running fine on a esp32, connected to my windows pc via usb. I want to monitor the serial to see in real time what is happening. Is it the right way to use the serial monitor in PlatformIO? I mean when I start the serial monitor I see the actions happening but are they coming from the uploaded code running in the esp32? Or is it platformIO that runs a separate task on the esp32?

From what I see in the screenshot yes they are.

OK, thanks, good to know. I anyway just tried a normal terminal application and it seems to do well enough if you just need serial monitoring

I have seen that after a while the “name” and “txpower” property is lost in the response like in this example


When it works correctly, mostly in the beginning of the scan, it looks like this:



You’re right and sometimes it could be more convenient to have a separate windows for the serial monitoring :slight_smile:

If the properties are not found during the ESP32 scan indeed I don’t publish them, we do a function call to see if it have the expected value: