V0.9beta testers needed


I need some testers to complete v0.9 release.
So as to have a view of the remaining test for v0.9beta you can lean on this file:

Mainly we are missing:

  • IR gateway tests
  • Tests of OMG with arduino mega
  • and some other functions

If you can help for these tests don’t hesitate to go and give your feedback in this topic.

Using latest beta on chinese ESP32 dev board.

Apart from some errors during compiling it still compiled and uploaded but I get crashes when BT and ZgatewayIR is defined. Tried turning off multicore but it didn’t help.
Undefining ZgatewayIR and now it worked fine for the past 8 hours.

Autodiscovery is giving me two separate devices in integrations:

DHT sensor is showing up fine.


Not sure what its supposed to display but currently its nothing.


Gateway status is listed as entity without device

Thanks for your feedback ! I will take a look on how to correct that.

I have applied some tweak to the master if you want to take a look

Have some trouble with RF in 0.9beta. I have two 433MHz remotes, both works fine in v0.8 (.bin file with RF, IR and BT support). But when I flash v0.9beta (RF, IR, BT, BME280 support, compiled from Arduino) then OMG don’t receive anything from one of my remote. Second work perfect. If I reflash v0.8 binary - remote start working. What did I do wrong?

The only thing I see is the RCSwitch update done between V0.9 and v0.8, to verify that, you can download v0.9 whole project and replace the rcswitch folder (into lib folder) by the rcswitch folder from v0.8