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VegTrug ESP32 configuration

Struggling a bit here. If I use the -all.bin I see the device in MQTT but only a /config channel and not the values. if I use the BLE bin I don’t see the device at all but do see BLE beacons as separate devices.
I would compile my own but I’m not really sure what to include.

bin ending by -all should not be used ( we are going to not publish them for the next release).

At least if they are not converted into temperature, moisture… data you should see the service data outgoing from them, if it is the case could you post some samples of the full json?

This is the config message - no other messages from the device - they come on a homeassistant topic
{“stat_t”:“ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0”,“name”:“MiFlora-lux”,“uniq_id”:“C47C8D6B3BE0-MiFlora-lux”,“dev_cla”:“illuminance”,“val_tpl”:"{{ value_json.lux | is_defined }}",“unit_of_meas”:“lx”}
{“stat_t”:“ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0”,“name”:“MiFlora-tem”,“uniq_id”:“C47C8D6B3BE0-MiFlora-tem”,“dev_cla”:“temperature”,“val_tpl”:"{{ value_json.tem | is_defined }}",“unit_of_meas”:“°C”}
{“stat_t”:“ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0”,“name”:“MiFlora-fer”,“uniq_id”:“C47C8D6B3BE0-MiFlora-fer”,“val_tpl”:"{{ value_json.fer | is_defined }}",“unit_of_meas”:“µS/cm”}
{“stat_t”:“ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0”,“name”:“MiFlora-moi”,“uniq_id”:“C47C8D6B3BE0-MiFlora-moi”,“val_tpl”:"{{ | is_defined }}",“unit_of_meas”:"%"}
These come on ESP32 topic (which is what I set)
001A221265E0 = {“id”:“00:1A:22:12:65:E0”,“name”:“CC-RT-BLE”,“rssi”:-79,“distance”:8.651812}
5F152587944A = {“id”:“5F:15:25:87:94:4A”,“name”:“nut”,“rssi”:-87,“distance”:18.07764,“servicedata”:“5f152587944a”}
2A6B2B614C00 = {“id”:“2A:6B:2B:61:4C:00”,“name”:“nut”,“rssi”:-77,“distance”:7.119795,“servicedata”:“2a6b2b614c00”}
5862AA354975 = {“id”:“58:62:AA:35:49:75”,“rssi”:-67,“distance”:2.509097}
3D55C844A43E = {“id”:“3D:55:C8:44:A4:3E”,“rssi”:-69,“distance”:3.119501}
52E7742F194D = {“id”:“52:E7:74:2F:19:4D”,“rssi”:-75,“distance”:5.832737}
4053642AEF32 = {“id”:“40:53:64:2A:EF:32”,“rssi”:-89,“distance”:21.51847}
565C2B57E65D = {“id”:“56:5C:2B:57:E6:5D”,“name”:“nut”,“rssi”:-81,“distance”:10.46739,“servicedata”:“565c2b57e65d”}
7DFB25756713 = {“id”:“7D:FB:25:75:67:13”,“name”:“nut”,“rssi”:-85,“distance”:15.12852,“servicedata”:“7dfb25756713”}
4E4FD813F6B4 = {“id”:“4E:4F:D8:13:F6:B4”,“rssi”:-88,“distance”:19.7325}
7C3CFAD19D13 = {“id”:“7C:3C:FA:D1:9D:13”,“rssi”:-61,“distance”:1.274439}

Into the home topic you have only the beacon messages?
That’s strange

I’ve moved it within a couple of metres and it’s now appearing. I now need to stop the errors in openHAB because the topic doesn’t contain the parameter and the JSON only has one of the parameters in each message .

If this message is sent

{“id”:“C4:7C:8D:6B:3B:E0”,“name”:“Flower care”,“rssi”:-90,“distance”:23.44428,“model”:“HHCCJCY01HHCC”,“fer”:97}

It will generate an error message in the other three items because the JSON doesn’t match.

Number Flower_Moisture “Moisture” { mqtt="<[mosquitto:ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0:state:JSONPATH($.moi)]"}

Number Flower_Fertility “Fertility” { mqtt="<[mosquitto:ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0:state:JSONPATH($.fer)]"}

Number Flower_Light “Moisture” { mqtt="<[mosquitto:ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0:state:JSONPATH($.lux)]"}

Number Flower_Temp “Temperature” { mqtt="<[mosquitto:ESP32/BLE/BTtoMQTT/C47C8D6B3BE0:state:JSONPATH($.tem)]"}

I resolved it by sending it to Node-Red first. It would be better to either send all the readings in one message or use a sub-topic for each (like the homeassistant config statements homeassistant/sensor/C47C8D6B3BE0-MiFlora-lux)



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