WebUI not possible

I use PlatformIO to compile the OpenMQTTGateway Firmware. I can’t open the WebUI, on given IPAdress? Pls help me!!

The only thing I changed the lilygo lora32 env to frequency of a 868.3 mhz and switch off the modulation.


And compile.

But I can’t open the WebUI. The wlan settings - work ,but after restart and IP - no more WebUI.


Could you share your full environment please?

Also what does the serial monitor says ?

I dont know to generate serial output.

How can i Upload Files?

in envionments.ini i changed

platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = ttgo-lora32-v21
; ~/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/variants/.../pins_arduino.h
board_build.partitions = min_spiffs.csv
lib_deps =
build_flags =
; *** OpenMQTTGateway Config ***
  ;'-UZmqttDiscovery'          ; disables MQTT Discovery
  '-DvalueAsATopic=true'    ; MQTT topic includes model and device
  '-DOOK_MODULATION=false'                                   **; add**
  '-DCC1101_FREQUENCY=868.30'                                **; add**
; *** OpenMQTTGateway Modules ***
  ;'-DZgatewayRTL_433="rtl_433"'  			     **; commentted out**
  ;'-DZradioSX127x="SX127x"'     			     **; commentted out**
; *** ssd1306 Display Options ***
;  '-DLOG_TO_OLED=true'         ; Enable log to OLED
;  '-DJSON_TO_OLED=true'
custom_description = For ESP32, Gateway using RTL_433_ESP and RadioLib
custom_hardware = ESP32 LILYGO LoRa32 V2.1
 = ThingPulse gateway single ESP32

an in platformIO.ini

i just uncomment one line:

;default_envs = heltec-ble
default_envs = lilygo-rtl_433       ;uncommented
;default_envs = lilygo-rtl_433-fsk

this works execpet the webUI

Thanks 4 your help


I assume you use Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO, correct?

On the left side of VSC click on the PlatformIO icon - the alien head - then under Project Tasks expand the appropriate environment lilygo-rtl_433 - General, and select Monitor with the LilyGo connected to your PC, or Upload and Monitor. You will then see the serial output of the connected LilyGo.

This is also how you can build and Upload any environment without having to uncomment different lines for different environments.

hI DigiH ,i use gitpod i looking for the same funktion - is it better to use vsc? I will install it if it helps.

No having much experience with gitpod I really don’t know.

Once you have installed VSC, in the Extensions just install the PlatformIO Extension, then open the OpenMQTTGateway source code directory and you’re good to go with the above monitoring.

OK I need some sec to install - I will give u feedback - at work it is not possible to install.


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Hi! Any news on this? I have the same problem. No WebUI after setting the WLAN-settings and restart.

Hardware: Sonoff Bridge 2.2 with direct hack. Had it working With RDLink before but wants to move on to OpenMQTTGateway.

The Web installer doesnt work for me (and many others). After flashing the unit it wont boot. No led blinking etc. So I used the Option 4 and compiled for “env:rfbridge-direct”. This way it boots and the led flashes once. After that the hot spot is active and I can set the WLAN credentials along with the MQTT ones. But after reboot - no WebUI.

The unit works and talks to HA MQTT but Id like to see the settings in the WebUI since I get no 433 sensor data in HA (Worked with RDLink)