WebUI Proof on Concept for ESP32 modules


Wanted to share something we have been experimenting with in the last few weeks, a WebUI for OpenMQTTGateway.

The thought was to offer the ability to retrieve current status/configuration, the ability to do basic configuration and have a command line to do simple commands. And also offer visibility into the serial console via web.

This is the POC running in my development setup ( if you notice that the UI looks familiar, it is because I used Tasmota as the base ).

Currently working is the main page, and the information page.

Before we take this PoC further, we were looking for feedback from the community if they felt that it was a good feature to have? So would appreciate any commentary on the feature.


Yes, would love that!


I find that makes for a very nice addition. It also makes it easier to understand and use for new users. Nice job!


Sounds like a great plan.
Would be ideal for modules like the multi-receiver if you could simply select the mode via a user interface etc.

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Excellent work NorthernMan54, this is a great feature!


Indeed this is an answer to a key item on my wishlist for OMG. Also the ability to access the config file with ftp (as works fine in LoraAPRS) would be nice even if slightly less user-friendly. :+1::+1::+1:

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I use OMG and Tasmota extensively and miss the Tasmota feel/flexibility when using OMG. So using it as a basis to develop the UI sounds great. Looking forward to it.


Yes, this is IMO essential to it being a good usable project.