WebUI: Which Username

Hi there,
I am totally new to this topic, tinkering around with an ESP32,
so forgive me my ignorance.

I got all working, mqtt and HA are fine. But only one thing
I dont get. After connecting the ESP to my Wifi and trying
to get on the WebUI, there it is coming up a window asking
for username and PW. PW is the one I wrote down in the
initial process, but which username? I tried all the well known
standards, but no chance. Am I too stupid to get to the WebUI?


Username is admin

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Admin was the first I tried but: Awkward… :flushed:
On initial I got a typo in PW. Sometimes it is so embarrassing.
I flashed the ESP again and this time my fingers were not to big.
Sorry, sorry sorry and many thanks.

And great piece of software, receiving now everything, just
got to tinker out how sending is working.

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