Welcome to OpenMQTTGateway community


Welcome to OpenMQTTGateway Community.

OpenMQTTGateway act as a WIFI or Ethernet gateway between your 433mhz, 315mhz, Infrared, BLE, GSM GPRS devices and a MQTT broker.

The MQTT broker can be connected to your favorite home automation controller (Home Assistant, Openhab, Domoticz) or NodeRED, as long as it supports MQTT, the system can talk to the gateway and by the way your different devices on both directions.

Feel free to ask your questions, share your ideas or discuss about the subjects related to OpenMQTTGateway.

  • The community is attended for users and developpers
  • You will find support, news, infos about the gateway
  • Coming here will enable you to stay up to date about the project
  • Here is the repository of the project on which you can find the source code, the releases and the documentation.
  • This google sheet list all the OMG functions per version and the pinouts that can be used.
  • And finaly this spreadsheet list the compatible devices with RF gateway (essentialy 433mhz ones)

Here is in a schema what OpenMQTTGateway does: