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What the best IR board?

What’s the best way to build an IR circuit, I’d love to recommend a LED type?
I am looking for a solution with good absorption and distance.
I would love to share what you have built and the distance you have been able to get …

I’ve been looking for a good IR board as well for some time, tested some setups on breadboards with single IR LEDs and receiver etc.

In the end I came accross @1technophile’s log entry about the AVATTO S06 IR gateway

Its small size, together with its 7 IR emitter LED array made me order it.

I have to say I am really impressed by it’s range, so much that I ordered some more.

It’s not self built, but at $7-$9 a piece, with its full OMG flashing capability it is my go to OMG IR solution now.

Hope this helps.

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