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Which firmware do I install?

I want to pick up RTL_433 signals from the oil tank sensor I have (works fine running rtl_433 -G 4 on a linux box with a SDR plugged in) so I picked up a module with a CC1101 chip, I’ve wired it to a Wemos D1 mini and it receives no data on the mqtt server i have when I press the button in a RF switch I use for testing.

Is this the best method to do this, did I buy the right module?

Hi, did you have a look at the rtl_433_ESP GitHub page? It could be, that your oil tank sensor is not (yet) supported in OMG/rtl_433_ESP. Looking at the rtl_433 page I can see

[43]  Watchman Sonic / Apollo Ultrasonic / Beckett Rocket oil tank monitor

if that is your device, but it isn’t included in the rtl_433_ESP Enabled Device Decoders list (yet).

Did you also monitor the serial output when testing your devices?

What are you using for intsalling the firmware?

Is your oil tank sensor and the CC1101 module 433 Mhz or 868 Mhz?

I’m sure @NorthernMan54 can give you more details about it.

All the best.

Looks good DigiH, my only other comment is that I find the CC1101 receiver sensitivity is not as robust as a SDR Dongle, I find the range is about 1/2 my dongles.

Also their is this item we identified - rtl_433_Callback stops receiving messages · Issue #16 · NorthernMan54/rtl_433_ESP · GitHub

I monitored the serial output, I only got the notices regarding the SYS topic. (Apologies I’m away from that system at the minute, I will get back to it this afternoon to confirm the exact output I see on the serial monitor)

I do have remote access to the machine with the SDR connected, once I get the output from the oil tank, it doesn’t send very often, I’ll check the supported devices list.

Thanks for the pointers, to install the firmware I have been using the web installer, I tried Platformio but had trouble with libraries, I was messing with it between stuff at work so was not getting my full attention and yes both the CC1101 and oil sensor are 433

This is the output from the serial console

N: OpenMQTTGateway modules: ["RF2"]
N: ************** Setup OpenMQTTGateway end **************
W: MQTT connection...
N: Connected to broker
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Received json : ["RF2"]
N: Subject: /SYStoMQTT
N: Received json : {"uptime":71,"version":"v0.9.8","freemem":32056,"rssi":-39,"SSID":"MooreHenHouse-4g","ip":"","mac":"84:F3:EB:31:E5:82","actRec":4,"mhz":433.92,"modules":["RF2"]}

Output from rtl_433 coming soon

edit: I’ve just noticed it says modules: [“RF2”], I chose the nodemcuv2-rf2-cc1101 firmware as it was unclear as to which is the require one.

Do I need to enable a CC1101 module at all?

Output from rtl_433

$ rtl_433 -G 4 -a 4 -F json

Registered 143 out of 149 device decoding protocols [ 1-4 6-8 10-17 19-26 29-64 67-149 ]
rtl_433: warning: 106 "Wireless M-Bus, Mode R, 4.8kbps (-f 868330000)" does not support CSV output
rtl_433: warning: 107 "Wireless M-Bus, Mode F, 2.4kbps" does not support CSV output
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
Exact sample rate is: 250000.000414 Hz
[R82XX] PLL not locked!
Sample rate set to 250000 S/s.
Tuner gain set to Auto.
Tuned to 433.920MHz.
Allocating 15 zero-copy buffers

{"time" : "2021-10-14 12:30:17", "model" : "Oil-SonicSmart", "id" : 141928816, "flags" : 128, "maybetemp" : 20, "temperature_C" : 15.000, "binding_countdown" : 0, "depth_cm" : 45}
*** signal_start = 26083298, signal_end = 26138387, signal_len = 55089, pulses_found = 1
Distance coding: Pulse length 35088

Short distance: 1000000, long distance: 0, packet distance: 0

p_limit: 35088
bitbuffer:: Number of rows: 0

Yes, that’s an Oil tank monitor using Si4320 framed FSK protocol as defined in oil_watchman.c of rtl_433.

This is not (yet) included in the Enabled Device Decoders of rtl_433_ESP and therefor won’t (yet) work with OpenMQTTGateway/rtl_433_ESP.

I’m not too sure if it not being included is due to technical reasons of its FSK_PULSE_PCM modulation, or just to keep the existing Enabled Device Decoders to a more manageable amount for the time being!?!

@NorthernMan54 - yes, I also find the range of my CC1101 more limited, but thankfully once in good range I haven’t seen any issues with it going completely silent as described in the issue.