Whitelist for 433MHz

Hello everyone,
I also have an urgent request for a whitelist for 433MHz devices.
I use ioBroker and it is getting cluttered. Thank you


The filtering solution I have in mind would be used for all the gateways

Hello @1technophile I was working on something separate, but I think what I was working on could be best to add to the existing project. I was chatting with @NorthernMan54 and have some ideas.

Would love if you could hop on discord and I could see about helping? RTL_433 Home Automation


Here is the spirit of what I was working on:

It should be general for all the gateways, not only rtl_433, it should allow to choose of different filtering keys (name, id, channels, type…), and should be saved into flash through SYSConfig structure.

Thanks, Any Plans to get OMG a docker, or rather to allow Theengs Gateway to support RF other then BLE?