Why OpenMQTTGateway? Not flaming, just curious

So, I’ve used Tasmota on my RF bridge for awhile now and it works with HA. I’m using the rules feature to publish to a topic depending on the received code. Works well but I’m limited on the rule space.

I’m looking at different options for flashing and I’m wondering what exactly are the advantages with OMG vs Tasmota or Espurna? Certainly not trying to demean the work done here at all, just looking for genuine advantages that I would benefit from.

What I would ultimately like is to strip everything out and just be able to use the bridge to receive 433 and route to topics based on the data received. Yes, I could use NodeRED for this but if the device can process it then it saves a step. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Before answering to the more global question above let me point you this parameter that enables to integrate into the subject the value received. If I understood well your need it could correspond to what you are trying to achieve.

Thank you for the response! That is closer to what I’m looking for but let me explain how I’m currently using it.

Tasmota rules feature allows for the below…

RF Bridge receives “xyz123” code and has a rule that says if “xyz123” is received then publish “ON” to “house/433mhz/front_door”. Conversely, if “abc456” is received then publish OFF to “house/433mhz/front_door”

I use this on my door sensors and it works great. However, I have quite a few of these sensors around the house and limited rule space. I can use NodeRED but I’d really just like to handle it all internally at the bridge.

Would love to hear your response to the global question of advantages of OMG. Again, I mean no disrespect by asking the question. I simply am curious what some of the advantages are in comparison to other offerings. :slight_smile:

Not maybe the more objective for answering but here are my thoughs:

  • Main purpose of OMG is to be a gateway, you can attach some direct modules but this is not the purpose. From this you will find dedicated functionnalities inherent to a gateway.
  • Signal forwarding/repeatition (IR or RF)
  • Deduplicate with multiple gateways setup (also available with a mono gateway setup)
  • Close and exhaustive integrations with RF/IR libraries in term of capacilitities
  • Pilight support, to my knowledge the open source library that support the most of RF protocols
  • OMG is enable on different architectures (not only ESP82666) enabling flexibility in term of hardware choice
  • With an arduino mega + an ethernet shield you will get best performances compared to an ESP
  • you can choose between different mode of publishing/receiving allowing simple and fast integrations
  • BLE Presence detection, mi flora, mi jia sensors readings with HM10 on ESP8266/arduino, or with ESP32 without any additionnal hardware

Surely not an argument but among the first 433mhz mqtt gateways to be created :grinning: