Wifi config not loading

I am facing a strange issue. If my wifi router is restarted or turned off for a while, OMG goes into AP mode and never connects back even if the wifi is back. Hitting reset or even power cycling it doesnt work, it just wont connect back to the wifi until I connect to AP and put back wifi credentials.

here is the serial log:

mounted file system
reading config file
opened config file
parsed json
*WM: Adding parameter
*WM: server
*WM: Adding parameter
*WM: port
*WM: Adding parameter
*WM: user
*WM: Adding parameter
*WM: pass
*WM: AutoConnect
*WM: Connecting as wifi client…
*WM: Using last saved values, should be faster
*WM: Connection result:
*WM: 0
*WM: Configuring access point…
*WM: password
*WM: AP IP address:
*WM: HTTP server started

I am sure it saves the config because once connected turning off and on or reset doesn’t seem to remove the WiFi settings, but once the wifi is disconnected it goes back to AP mode to never recover.

Can you tell me what am I missing?

it is a bug present on V0.7, if you load the last revision it should be corrected.

I see, I disabled wifi manager and its okay now.