wifi_password setting has to be quoted when compiling in PlatformIO?

I’ve just discovered that when compiling using PlatformIO, the wifi_password setting override has to be typed without quotes, ie:
-Dwifi_password="password!" <-Works
'-Dwifi_password="password!"' <-Does not work

(I’ve also tried triple-backlash escaping the exclamation mark btw, not knowing which chars are considered special, but that did not change the observed behaviour)

Now, to be honest, in the main docs it is correctly listed without single quotes, but elsewhere else in the code, it shows with quotes, e.g. in:
environment.ini: Line 349: ; '-Dwifi_password="WIFI_PASSWORD"'
prod_env.ini.example Line 76: '-Dwifi_password="MyWiFiAPPassword"'

is it a typo or I’m missing something? (eg: Why this is the only setting override that does not require to be single-quoted?)

Hi @ilgrank,

thanks for pointing out this inconsistency.

As conversed on GitHub, manual WiFi and MQTT credentials require the additional
definition to work correctly - with the correct single quoted

Doc correction is on its way … :wink:

Thanks @DigiH :slight_smile: Very much appreciated!