Wiki Page for Multiple Gateways is not clear


i want to understand more about the multiple gateway setup as i am planning to have 3 gateways and want to avoid mqtt messages duplication from rf433 signals.

i am sorry i am a bit new to the firmware itself, i have been using tasmota and espurna for quite some time but i was impressed with this firmware because it was purposely built to exactly what is required and has the de-duplication feature that i didn’t find in any other firmware

  1. when you say “change the Gateway_Name”, is that available in the first time wifi setup? is it the same as the name that will be generated in the topic that i currently use rfBridge/OpenMQTTGateway_SRFB_1, is OpenMQTTGateway_SRFB_1 is the gateway name?
  2. when you say “you can replace “home” by the floor name” how is it possible to listen to subject containing toMQTT, home is the root mqtt topic if you change it how will you reach to the subject? also i dont prefer to change the root topic, i want all root topics for the bridges to be rfBridge, is that fine or it has to be changed?
  3. the image in the wiki page is not available, appreciate to update it to understand more your approach
  4. is it possible to keep the same topic for all gateways such as rfBridge/OpenMQTTGateway_SRFB? i wouldnt like to change the topic when i subscribe for rf433 message depending on the sensor location near to which gateway, i want all topics to be the same similar to wifi accesspoint name roaming concept.

Thanks a lot to the community for this great firmware.

Yes the gateway name can be changed on:

  • the wifi setup portal, when you connect your smartphone or
  • in platformio.ini or
  • in user_config.h

WIth MQTT you can listen to all the topic of one level by replacing its name by a +
You can let it like that without any issue

See it here
Note that depending on the distance between gateways and your proper network the deduplication may not work (if the signal received is faster compared to the communication between gateways)

The best way when you subscribe would be to do it to rfbridge/+ ; this way you will receive all the gateways messages even if they have different names.

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