WLAN connected, but no MQTT messages


I have an ESP32 board, and I want to set up the OpenMQTTGateway to listen to my Miflora Plant sensors. Later, it should also listen to 433 Mhz signals, but I don’t have the hardware for that connected yet. So for the moment, it should only do the BLE devices.I have gotten so far that it connects to my wireless network, but then it seems to “hang”. The log looks like this:

*WM: [2] Connection result: WL_CONNECTED
*WM: [3] lastconxresult: WL_CONNECTED
*WM: [1] AutoConnect: SUCCESS 
*WM: [1] STA IP Address:
connected...yeey :)
saving config
{"mqtt_server":"","mqtt_port":"1883","mqtt_user":"","mqtt_pass":"","mqtt_topic":"home/","gateway_name":"OpenMQTTGateway1"}OpenMQTTGateway mac:
OpenMQTTGateway ip:
Connecting to MQTT by IP adress
Bosch BME280 Initialized - Result of .begin(): 0x0
No TSL2561 detected
TSL2561 Initialized. Printing detials now.
Sensor:       TSL2561
Driver Ver:   1
Unique ID:    12345
Max Value:    17000.00 lux
Min Value:    1.00 lux
Resolution:   1.00 lux

ZgatewayIR setup done
ZgatewayLORA setup failed!

The last thing I always see in the log is the “ZgatewayLORA setup failed!”.
Any ideas why that happens? What does the ZgatewayLORA do?

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If for the moment you only want to get mi flora data with an esp 32 you should use:
esp32dev-ble environment
if you use platformio.ini

or if you use arduino IDE, uncomment ZgatewayBT into user_config.h.

If you upload binaries directly just take the ones begining by esp32dev-ble.

This is described below in the upload section:


OK, thanks, that did it. :slight_smile:
But does that mean that it won’t work to listen to 433Mhz and BLE with the same ESP32?
Or, if it is possible, what would I have to do differently when I want to add the hardware for the 433Mhz and listen to both signals?

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It is possible to add rf to esp32 with BLE. From the upload methods above which one are you using ?


thanks for your quick replies. :slight_smile: :+1:
I am using platformio.

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Here is an environment definition to put into platformio.ini that should fit your needs:

platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32dev
lib_deps =
build_flags =