WS-0232 Weather Station


Do you know if a WS-0232 weather station is compatible with OMG?


The decoder is included in rtl_433_ESP

so it should be decoded with any rtl_433 OMG gateway.

Let us know how it works for you.

Thanks, but I’m looking for WS-0232 (not 2032 :wink:)

I don’t think are the same

I assumed from this

being closed as a dupe of my other link above, that it will be included in that decoder.

But best for you to closely read and see what this dupe and thread really mean for the 0232 (and 2032) in the rtl_433 repo, as only if included there might it also be in the OMG rtl_433_ESP library.

Thank you DigiH!
I’ll check it out!