Xiaomi Mijia MCCGQ02HL Door Window Sensor (BLE)

HI, I just saw that local mi store has those sensors. Are they supported by omg (will they if possible at all)


For the moment we support the Qingping CGH1, this sensor works out of the box due to its unencrypted data format.
MCCGQ02HL is not supported as it uses encryption (I have one), we need to add a decryption mechanism first to Theengs Decoder.

Hi, i would like to see with you how to declare a CGH1 sensor in OpenMQTTGateway into my Home Assistant Platform.
i try to remove battery from sensor and starts it again. no change in Home Assistant
i try to open and close my window, no change in Home Assistant
Where can i find some logs files ?
Thanks for your support

I was trying to implement a feature that simply rebroadcast the BT packet(built from read data) to HASS through wifi connection for OMG, to use a custom component called “ble_monitor” to do the decryption work, almost done but too much more detail work to do.
Is this kind of feature against the philosophy of OMG?

I think it could be a nice addition to the capabilities.

Note also that I’m planning to study how to decrypt data.