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Battery info of Mi Flora sensors

Hello all,

I recently set up some ESP32 to listen to my Mi Flora plant sensors. Before that, I used

with a Raspberry Pi Zero for this, which worked fine. But as I wanted more receivers for the BLE signal throughout the house and garden, the ESP32 were the cheaper option.

But with OpenMQTTGateway, I do not get the battery information from the plant sensors. I think this is useful for giving a warning when the battery is running low.
I found something about this here, in an old topic of 2018 (Mi flora ESP32 Problem), but from the content, I cannot really tell if the battery info should be available or not, because the battery was not the only problem in this thread.

Should I get battery info with the most recent OMG version?

The sensors do have the most recent firmware according to the Mi Flora app.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

No, retrieving battery info of mi flora require OMG to connect to the device. This is not yet supported.