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Battery info of Mi Flora sensors

Hello all,

I recently set up some ESP32 to listen to my Mi Flora plant sensors. Before that, I used

with a Raspberry Pi Zero for this, which worked fine. But as I wanted more receivers for the BLE signal throughout the house and garden, the ESP32 were the cheaper option.

But with OpenMQTTGateway, I do not get the battery information from the plant sensors. I think this is useful for giving a warning when the battery is running low.
I found something about this here, in an old topic of 2018 (Mi flora ESP32 Problem), but from the content, I cannot really tell if the battery info should be available or not, because the battery was not the only problem in this thread.

Should I get battery info with the most recent OMG version?

The sensors do have the most recent firmware according to the Mi Flora app.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

No, retrieving battery info of mi flora require OMG to connect to the device. This is not yet supported.

Is the Mi Flora battery status on the horizon any time soon? Not that I am pushing you to look at it right now, you have been more than kind enough to help me out this far.

Battery sensor of miflora has been implemented from v0.9.7 for info