Mi flora ESP32 Problem

I upload v 0.7 to ESP32.
It found 2 of my miflora
It publish to mqtt only:

But all of this info is hmm wrong
Temp is 28
Hum is 280
Always add a “0” to temp and send as Hum

I have 3.1.8 firmware in miflora.

So its a problem. it not work very well.

Is it a stock mi flora or have you done a firmware update ?

Firmware update to latest.

From one other user report ut seels that the last firmware update changed the protocol, let me check it next weeks

Now i use this on my rpi https://github.com/ThomDietrich/miflora-mqtt-daemon`
And works flawless.
Maybe you can check how it utilize protocol.

Maybe you can add Mi Flora Battery state?

Any new info in this topic?

Didn’t add time to test it yet. Hopefully in the next weeks.

In your msg you didn’t put the values published to mqtt could you add them

I confirm that 3.1.8 is working well in my side

Ok so maybe i something wrong flash