ESP32 Mini kit pinout : is there a mapping table to Lolin ESP32 pinout?

Hi everyone,

I bought a couple of Wemos Mini D1 ESP-32S. It’s from the fabricant “MH-ET” and model MH-ET_LIVE_D1_mini_ESP32

Apparently they have following pinouts

In the documentation, i.e.

I can read that I have to connect my CC1101 to following pinout’s: D27, D12, D18, 3V3, D23, D19, D5, GND, but … I don’t have this labeling on my ESP32…

Digging a bit further into the config files, I can see that i.e.

#  elif ESP32
#    define RF_EMITTER_GPIO 12 // D12 on DOIT ESP32


/*-------------------PIN DEFINITIONS----------------------*/
#  ifdef ESP8266
#    define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 0 // D3 on nodemcu // put 4 with rf bridge direct mod
#  elif ESP32
#    define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 27 // D27 on DOIT ESP32
#  elif __AVR_ATmega2560__
#    define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 1 //1 = D3 on mega
#  else
#    define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 1 //1 = D3 on arduino
#  endif

So my conclusion is that I need some mapping between D27, D12, D3 and the GPIO’s on the ESP32.
(I already noticed that I can NOT use GPIO27 as RF-receiver on my MH-ET_LIVE_D1_mini_ESP32, I had to use another GPIO. I don’t know why, but this is off-topic here).

Now I want to use my CC1101 on my ESP32 (MH-ET_LIVE_D1_mini_ESP32), but -apart from 3V3 and GND- I have no idea how I have to connect both devices.

Can somebody point me in the good direction?

How can I deduce which pins of my CC1101 should be connected to the GPIO’s of my ESP32?

Or how can I map the documented D27, D12, D18, 3V3*, D23, D19, D5, GND to the GPIO’s of my MH-ET_LIVE_D1_mini_ESP32. Is there such a mapping table for my MH-ET_LIVE_D1_mini_ESP32

thanx in advance!

Bart Plessers

The wiring of a CC1101 is documented here - RF gateway (433mhz/315mhz) | OpenMQTTGateway v1.4.0

I know, but that’s my whole point: in the documentation they mention D1, D3, etc
But my ESP32 has only GPIO1, GPIO2 etc…labeling.
So what’s the correlation between Dx and GPIOy?
In the picture above, they give a mapping for D0, D1, D2, D3, … D8. But not for higher Dx connectors

Hi @BartPlessers,

Just out of curiosity - have you tried hooking it up with the wiring description of the ESP8266 (very similar to the D1 mini ESP8266 wiring from LSatan, save for D2/RX) and defining them appropriately in your custom environment?

@BartPlessers With an ESP32 it is a direct mapping between GPIO number and D numbers, no funky translation needed. GPIO1 = D1 etc

The information from their website suggests following :

D0 - GPIO26
D5 - GPIO18

Sorry I’m not directly familiar with the board you are using, but for OMG we using this pinout

VCC - 3V3

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ah, super!
That is what I was looking for.

I’ll give it a try and let you know if this works on my device