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GS-WDS07 433Mhz Door sensor with open/close status

all of them… and it looks like i’m not the only one :frowning: also on other forums i found the same issue description!
maybe a faulty production lot?

in my understanding probably seems like the plates of the reed remain coupled. This may explain why there is no more trigger in both directions, and also when i hit with my finger the sensor probably the plates are open again and signal is triggered.
Maybe do you know if i can find only the reed and replace it?

Yes you should be able to replace it:

maybe check the dimensions of the reed switch.
Another possibility is to ask for a refund to the seller and buy new ones or the new digoo.

thanks for your link!
which is the new digoo?

Here is it

I’ve got one sensor with strange behaviour. I’ve installed it on a metallic frame window. It detects only the open signal, not the close one.

Removing the sensor from the metallic window frame, and testing it, everything works as should be. Maybe it is getting some sort of interference,

Yes this is mainly due to the fact that you are on a metallic window, here is another example with a fridge

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I am facing some other problem with the GS-WDS07 433mhz door sensor my default open code is D1810A and Close code is D1810E . Sometimes the door sensor sends random codes

It happens with 433mhz basic protocols. While you received also the good ones you don’t have to worry about that.

no, actually it changing the open and close code randomly and automatically why that happens

Your messages doesnt seems to be OpenMQTTGateway ones. Could you indicate the version used ?

I’ve received another package from Bangood with 5 of these sensors (already have 5 working in Openhab with openmqtt sonoff bridge).

4 of them I could get the open and close signals using mqtt.fx.

But one of them shows me the same code for open and for close position on Mqtt.fx. In The Arduino IDE I can get more signals from it, but cant get the individual codes from open and close via mqtt.
Any tips what could be done?

This is the first time I hear this case, maybe you should return it to banggood.

Hi guys,
came along your intersting discussion (and had to sign up right away to participate) :slight_smile:

Does anybody of you know when the “battery low” signal is send?
Is it send when the battery low level is reached for the first time, or is it only send when an action happens while battery being low?
Also is the battery low message send only once or with some repetition?

I don´t have good equipment to simulate this myself … if anybody has a clue, I´d appreciate your inputs.

Regards - MacSass

I have this question too, as I couldn’t simulate a low battery condition yet.
Would be great to discover the low battery codes from each sensor before the battery goes bad.


I don’t recall exactly but low battery signal gets sent each time the sensor turns into open position (not only when the battery drops below threshold). I have a low battery sensor set in HA and I try to change batteries as soon as it gets triggered but the low battery signal gets sent at least once per day, until there is no sufficient voltage to operate.

You can try discharging a battery for a few seconds (just take care not to overheat it as it might explode :slight_smile: )

Thanks @PetricaM,
I have a second sensor now and will try to simulate that low battery state.

Your information is helpful - just one more clarification if you can:
So, when battery is low the sensor sends two signals when it gets into “open”?
It sends the code for “sensor open” and in addition “battery low”? That would be OK and good for me.

I think the code send as such is pretty clear - the system seems to be that the low battery code always is the “closed” code - 8.

Regards - MacSass

PS: I don´t see any of those sensors sold with the tamper switch installed anymore …


It sends both open and battery low; however, (there are always limitations :slight_smile:) it sends both signals only when the battery is precisely at the low battery threshold.

Once it drops below this threshold it becomes too erratic and couldn’t identify a pattern: sometimes it sends low battery out of the blue (door is either open or closed), sometimes when opening it.

Thanks - I will put that in my code and see how it goes …if I get the low battery warning once, that should be enough …
Cheers - MacSass