GS-WDS07 433Mhz Door sensor with open/close status

I am facing some other problem with the GS-WDS07 433mhz door sensor my default open code is D1810A and Close code is D1810E . Sometimes the door sensor sends random codes

It happens with 433mhz basic protocols. While you received also the good ones you don’t have to worry about that.

no, actually it changing the open and close code randomly and automatically why that happens

Your messages doesnt seems to be OpenMQTTGateway ones. Could you indicate the version used ?

I’ve received another package from Bangood with 5 of these sensors (already have 5 working in Openhab with openmqtt sonoff bridge).

4 of them I could get the open and close signals using mqtt.fx.

But one of them shows me the same code for open and for close position on Mqtt.fx. In The Arduino IDE I can get more signals from it, but cant get the individual codes from open and close via mqtt.
Any tips what could be done?

This is the first time I hear this case, maybe you should return it to banggood.