LILYGO TTGO 433mhz becomes unresponsive

About a year ago I bought and have been using this board with OMG:
LILYGO® TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 SX1278

I had been using and just reflashed via the website using this firmware:
The version appears to be v1.7.0 according to the webui.

I reflashed after running the original outdated firmware in the hopes that an issue I’m having might have been fixed. Unfortunately whatever is happening is still happening. On the old firmware, I noticed that memory was always decreasing on the board and if it got below a certain level the board was stop responding. I put in an automation to monitor this using Home Assistant and when it got below a certain level it would request a restart and the memory would free and continue to work. This works for the most part but it does not always keep the board from crashing.

Here’s a graph of the last few days. Notice how the memory is always decreasing. The increases seen are when the automation restarts the device. The arrows show where the device becomes unresponsive and needs to be power cycled manually.

I know that I can easily add a smart switch to have a different workaround to restart the device when it becomes unresponsive but I’m hoping someone might be able to confirm that this is indeed an ongoing issue or if I need to make modifications to prevent this from happening.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Could you give the 433Mhz devices you are decoding, this could help target the decoders that may generate this leak

Pardon my ignorance but I’m not really sure what you are asking. Particularly I’m wanting to capture my Acurite 5-in-1 Weather station but I am also detecting TONS of other nearby 433mhz devices.

Can you instruct on how I can pull this information for you? Thanks!

Seems like the latest firmware is a lot less stable than the old one I was using as it crashed again after only a few hours.

I’m more than happy to help in troubleshooting with a bit of guidance. Thanks @1technophile

Could you try the development one please:

Can this be done via the web interface? I did switch to development yesterday but it did crash last night. I’m not positive that it did do the update though. How do I confirm what version I am running? After flash from web it still showed 1.7.0 if memory serves me right.

EDIT: I switched logging to verbose. How can I view the logs?

This means that you are still with v1.7.0

Through the webUI, go to the ESP IP address and login with “admin” and the password entered during onboarding.

I suggest to do it by USB instead

Switched to dev. Is there something I should monitor?

I have the same problem with version 1.7.0. with the same board and I loaded the development version suggested by 1technophile. Now it works without problem

Arrow shows where I installed dev version. So far so good. Every other firmware showed the constant fall of memory.

Thanks @1technophile ! I will update in a few days and close if things continue to go this way.

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Things certainly look like they are stable now. Thanks again for your help. I’m happily closing this one!