LORA - join device with keys?

Hi there, I`m using a Heltec ESP32 with OMG and Lora. So far I´m using this only with devices, which I have programmed by myself. Now I´ve got a door sensor ( Dragino LDS02), which comes with keys for TTN.

Dragino tells on his website:

The LDS02 is configured as LoRaWAN OTAA Class A mode by default. It has OTAA keys to join network. To connect a local LoRaWAN network, user just need to input the OTAA keys in the network server and power on the LDS02. It will auto join the network via OTAA.
In case user can’t set the OTAA keys in the network server and has to use the existing keys from server. User can use AT Command to set the keys in the devices.

Is there any chance to join this device in my Lora system?


OMG Lora doesn’t support Lorawan, I suppose that the LDS02 comes configured to use Lorawan as you are suggesting that you need the keys to join TTN Lorawan.

Note that the Heltec Lora ESP32 only has one channel and that the Lorawan specification doesn’t advise using one channel gateways but rather uses 8 channel gateways.