Marquant weather station

How can I Integrate MarQuant 014331 Weather Station with home assistant ?

Seems to be supported by RTL_433 as:
[215] Emax W6, rebrand Altronics x7063/4, Optex 990040/50/51, Orium 13093/13123, Infactory FWS-1200, Newentor Q9, Otio 810025, Protmex PT3390A, Jula Marquant 014331/32, Weather Station or temperature/humidity sensor

It uses FSK modulation which is not supported out of the box with OpenMQTTGateway with v1.6.0

Nevertheless, if you are open to tinkering and building your own firmware, you can do it as done below:

If not a further version of OMG will support FSK out of the box

Thanks, I will try merbanan/Rtl_433 .I have ordered cc1101.

We got feedback about rtl 433 FSK working with sx127X chipsets but did not receive feedback for cc1101.

Is this SX/XL1278 compatible ?

With the first model - the blue one - it’s a bit of a pain to solder with the narrow 2.0mm pitch.

My preferred solution for an rtl_433 gateway would be a LilyGo TTGO LoRa32 V2.1_1.6.1 433MHz for your case.

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