OMG on ESP8266 + CC1101 868MHz -- Newbie needs help

That looks all fine to me for the monitoring all set up correctly now.

Since there are only the sys messages displayed the only additional idea I have is to test with other RECEIVER_GPIOs. Or see if anyone else with more RF debugging experience has additional information.

Or possibly also double check the 868MHz CC1101 soldering/wire connections. Personally I find them a right pain to hook up cleanly with their extra tight spacing :wink:

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Yes, checked over and over again. I’m starting to wonder whether the CC1101 is defective. For example, it draws about 1.5mA of current, while the specs say that approx. 16mA is common.

For the sake of completeness, I’ve only connected CC1101 pins Vcc, GND, GD02 and GD00. Should the other pins (MOSI, SCLK, MIDO, CSN) be connected and if so, to what GPIO pins?

And I really thought we had ticked that off when I sent you the link to the wiring charts right in the first reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So did I, but in RF gateway (433mhz/315mhz) | OpenMQTTGateway v0.9.13 there’s only GD02 and GD00 that are connected.

I assume that all the other pins (MOSI, SCLK, MIDO, CSN) have fixed GPIO pins to connect to.

On your linked page, did you read through the CC1101 Pinout section, which apparently links to the same wiring schematics which I posted above, with some extra notes about the OMG connection differences, or did you just look at the SRX882/STX882 examples?

Either way, when following the guidelines and having the proper connections, does your CC1101 now work as expected?

More confusion…

GPIO13 = D7, and according to the LSatan witing D7 should be connected to MOSI?

I have now followed the exact wiring of the LSatan page for the ESP8266 (i.e. adapted for NodeMCU V3) and recompiled the firmware with


Now something seems to work, since occasionally (once every 10 minutes or so) a message is detected. When I press the remote control there is no response whatsoever.

Best to ignore my connection exception for the time being, but to read through and look at the OMG CC1101 Pinout section of the RF gateway (433mhz/315mhz) page.

So for your ESP8266

Board Receiver Pin(GDO2) Emitter Pin(GDO0) SCK VCC MOSI MISO CSN GND
ESP8266 D2/D3/D1/D8 RX/D2 D5 3V3 D7 D6 D8 GND

Yes, it is D1 D2 D5 3V3 D7 D6 D8 GND now.
Still, except for an occasional message, it is quiet. No response when I press the remote control. No messages from the weather station (should occur every 12 seconds).

EDIT: At least the CC1101 is drawing some current now, approx. 22mA.

So you seem to be getting some signals and the wiring seems fine now - what are the monitoring messages? For the remote and particularly the weather station (which models are they) it could well be that the rf/rf2 libraries aren’t the correct ones.

And just to rule out the last wiring possibility, can you also try the boldly written

Board Receiver Pin(GDO2) Emitter Pin(GDO0)
ESP8266 D2/D3/D1/D8 RX/D2

GDO2 - D3


BTW which ESP8266-NodeMCU version do you have?

I tried GDO2 - D3 / GDO0 - RX yesterday but that gave problems with flashing / booting.
I have a NodeMCU V3 (Joy-It, I think). I verified that the V3 has the same pins as the V2.

This is (part of) the monitoring:

--- Terminal on /dev/ttyUSB0 | 115200 8-N-1
--- Available filters and text transformations: colorize, debug, default, direct, esp8266_exception_decoder, hexlify, log2file, nocontrol, printable, send_on_enter, time
--- More details at
--- Quit: Ctrl+C | Menu: Ctrl+T | Help: Ctrl+T followed by Ctrl+H
Reconnecting to /dev/ttyUSB0 ...........         Connected!
T: ZgatewayRF command topic: OMG/commands/MQTTto433
T: ZgatewayRF setup done
T: ZgatewayRF2 command topic: OMG/commands/MQTTtoRF2
T: ZgatewayRF2 setup done 
T: enableActiveReceiver: 2
N: Switching to RF Receiver: 868.30
T: disableRF2Receive
T: mqtt_max_packet_size: 2560
N: OpenMQTTGateway modules: ["RF","RF2"]
N: ************** Setup OpenMQTTGateway end **************
W: MQTT connection...
N: Connected to broker
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: OMG/LWT msg: online 
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: OMG/version msg: version_tag 
T: Subscription OK to the subjects OMG/commands/#
T: omgStatusDiscovery
T: Announce Device binary_sensor on  homeassistant/binary_sensor/3C6105D17F73-connectivity/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/binary_sensor/3C6105D17F73-connectivity/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/LWT","name":"SYS: Connectivity","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-connectivity","pl_on":"online","pl_off":"offline","pl_avail":"online","pl_not_avail":"offline","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device sensor on  homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-uptime/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-uptime/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/SYStoMQTT","unit_of_meas":"s","name":"SYS: Uptime","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-uptime","val_tpl":"{{ value_json.uptime }}","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device sensor on  homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-freemem/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-freemem/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/SYStoMQTT","unit_of_meas":"B","name":"SYS: Free memory","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-freemem","val_tpl":"{{ value_json.freemem }}","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device sensor on  homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-ip/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-ip/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/SYStoMQTT","name":"SYS: IP","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-ip","val_tpl":"{{ value_json.ip }}","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device sensor on  homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-rssi/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-rssi/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/SYStoMQTT","unit_of_meas":"dB","name":"SYS: Rssi","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-rssi","val_tpl":"{{ value_json.rssi }}","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device switch on  homeassistant/switch/3C6105D17F73-restart/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/switch/3C6105D17F73-restart/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/LWT","name":"SYS: Restart gateway","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-restart","pl_on":"{\"cmd\":\"restart\"}","pl_avail":"online","pl_not_avail":"offline","cmd_t":"OMG/commands/MQTTtoSYS/config","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device switch on  homeassistant/switch/3C6105D17F73-erase/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/switch/3C6105D17F73-erase/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/LWT","name":"SYS: Erase credentials","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-erase","pl_on":"{\"cmd\":\"erase\"}","pl_avail":"online","pl_not_avail":"offline","cmd_t":"OMG/commands/MQTTtoSYS/config","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: Announce Device switch on  homeassistant/switch/3C6105D17F73-discovery/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/switch/3C6105D17F73-discovery/config msg: {"name":"SYS: Auto discovery","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-discovery","retain":true,"pl_on":"{\"discovery\":true}","pl_off":"{\"discovery\":false}","pl_avail":"online","pl_not_avail":"offline","cmd_t":"OMG/commands/MQTTtoSYS/config","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: gatewayRFDiscovery
T: Announce Device sensor on  homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-gatewayRF/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-gatewayRF/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/433toMQTT","name":"gatewayRF","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-gatewayRF","val_tpl":"{{ value_json.value | is_defined }}","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: gatewayRF2Discovery
T: Announce Device sensor on  homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-gatewayRF2/config
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: homeassistant/sensor/3C6105D17F73-gatewayRF2/config msg: {"stat_t":"OMG/RF2toMQTT","name":"gatewayRF2","uniq_id":"3C6105D17F73-gatewayRF2","val_tpl":"{{ value_json.address | is_defined }}","device":{"identifiers":["3C6105D17F73"],"name":"OMG","model":"[\"RF\",\"RF2\"]","manufacturer":"OMG_community","sw_version":"version_tag"}} 
T: retrieving value of system characteristics Uptime (s):5
N: Send on /SYStoMQTT msg {"uptime":5,"version":"version_tag","freemem":34736,"mqttport":"1883","mqttsecure":false,"rssi":-57,"SSID":"Oh Denneboom","BSSID":"CC:CE:1E:1C:7C:46","ip":"","mac":"3C:61:05:D1:7F:73","actRec":2,"mhz":868.3,"modules":["RF","RF2"]}
T: jsonPubl - ON
T: [ OMG->MQTT ] topic: OMG/SYStoMQTT msg: {"uptime":5,"version":"version_tag","freemem":34736,"mqttport":"1883","mqttsecure":false,"rssi":-57,"SSID":"Oh Denneboom","BSSID":"CC:CE:1E:1C:7C:46","ip":"","mac":"3C:61:05:D1:7F:73","actRec":2,"mhz":868.3,"modules":["RF","RF2"]} 

If messages are received, they look like:

OMG/433toMQTT {"value":16383,"protocol":29,"length":13,"delay":205,"tre_state":"000000","binary":"0000000000000","raw":"9437,123,125,201,250,176,100,225,275,200,200,100,100,151,254,146,250,226,152,323,251,300,150,100,150,202,123,","mhz":868.3}
OMG/433toMQTT {"value":4095,"protocol":29,"length":12,"delay":227,"tre_state":"111111","binary":"111111111111","raw":"10394,139,108,125,175,160,191,175,225,225,275,276,128,222,250,101,100,125,275,150,200,301,200,125,200,","mhz":868.3}

So that looks very good. I think we can safely say that your CC1101 is correctly hooked up now :wink:

I do take it however that these are not the messages when you press a button on your remote, or are they?

Also with the weather station it still is important as to which model it is.

The messages are not from the weather station, and not from the remote.
The weather station (Bresser 5 in 1) transmits at 868.3 MHz one message every 12 seconds. The remote (it’s a remote for an Itho CVS-S fan) also transmits at 868.3 MHz. In fact, the receiver for the remote is a CC1101 identical to the one I have.
But I do not get messages every 12 seconds, and I do not get a response when I press a button on the remote.

This weather station only (possibly) works with the current test FSK branch of the rtl_433_ESP library already mentioned in

so absolutely no chance of getting it to work with your current setup.

As for the remote I’m not sure which RF protocol it uses, but the RF messages which you correctly receive - either from some other device(s) in your home or from some neighbour’s - show that the RF/ RCSwitch protocol is nicely received/decoded. As for RF2 I am seeing there is

T: disableRF2Receive

in your serial monitor log. Have a read through

or alternatively try the purely RF2 specific


environment, as the RF signals which your are nicely receiving with RF are not of interest to you.

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For Itho fans controlling I also don’t see any integration in OMG compatible/other libraries with a quick search, but only independent solutions, also with ESP8266 and CC1101

So one of those might be your best bet for your fan controlling.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have an excellent controller for my Itho CVE-S ( In fact, it was the success with this thing (and its CC1101 companion) that made me start this experiment.

As for RF/RF2: When I enable RF2 I receive nothing. I cannot build the firmware with Pilight, I get some strange duplicate entry points in the linking phase.

So for the time being this project is stillborn. Maybe later, when rtl433 is operational on ESP8266…

Thank you very much for your patient support! You’ve got me farther than I expected two days ago.

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